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Since knowledge is power: One of my favorite sayings when it comes to the modeling industry or even any industry is


When it comes to the modeling industry there are many avenues you can take and still be considered a model. If you’re already a model or looking to get in the industry, then you understand that there is a lot to learn. Not every model takes or needs classes but as a model, you are required to have knowledge and skills in what you are doing. That can be anywhere from writing an email, what to bring to a photoshoot or how to pose.

This list is updated as needed on a month to month basis. We want to make sure you are caught up in the current knowledge and trends. So let’s get started.


Having a copy of your favorite magazine around is a quick reference guide while practicing your poses and facial expressions. Take it a step further and research the models from the editorials. Look for things like how they brand themselves and if they signed with an agency.

Social Media

There are probably a few of you that check social media for advice before you try or buy. We at FD do! Social Media, however, can be one of your biggest tools to help you find the advice and tips you are looking for.


If you’re anything like us, you use Pinterest as a search engine. It’s honestly how everything was learned about running this blog. There are also massive amounts of articles written about the fashion industry and modeling in general. Start Here and find articles on every modeling subject.


Fashion Donuts has their very own group Modeling Resource. The purpose of the group is for models to ask and offer advice to other models new and/or seasoned in the industry. It’s a good place to ask those questions you can’t find online. We have all learned a few tips and tricks along the way.

There are other groups on Facebook that offer castings, jobs and even just networking. Finding a group in your location is helpful. Beware of scams and your professional image, though. Not everyone in these groups is a professional. When I started modeling I used the Dallas, TX modeling groups and met many amazing contacts and found paid work.


On every social media app including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest you are able to search for specific terms and hashtags. Two to start with are #modeltips and #modelingtips.


Let’s face it. The internet is one of the top sources used to gain a large amount of knowledge on any subject. With all this information we narrowed down a list of sites that have a focus on the modeling industry.

Fashion Donuts

Hooray! You’re already here! As soon as you finish this article, FD offers many more tips including skincare, how to prepare for a photo shoot and business tips. We know what it’s like to have questions and that’s why this blog was born.

If you have a specific question about the modeling industry please send us an email.

The Model Alliance

Modeling is considered a job and a career and you deserve to know your rights. The Model Alliance is a nonprofit labor group for models working in the American fashion industry.

You can visit their website at (at the time of writing this article their site was down) or follow along on their Facebook and Twitter.

Not ashamed to say this site is saved to the bookmarks bar of my office computer (aka my only computer). All of their articles are linked in one place. They have just about everything you’d want to know.

Start with their blog first, but they also offer a feature where you can create your own profile page.

Model Mentors

“Your friends in the modeling industry” is their slogan and we believe them. This site has a little something for every model. The layout is a little outdated compared to the responsive websites out there but don’t let that fool you. They offer “timeless” information. We recommend starting with their Modeling Articles.

The Business Model

The best tool from this site is their Industry Guides. There are guides for the seasoned and the aspiring.


You think we’re playing but we’re not. Google is seriously a good place to find an answer to any question. If you don’t exactly know what you’re searching for but you want to get lost in the wormhole of learning, then type it into google. Maybe look up the same words as the hashtags: model tips or modeling tips.

Portfolio Sites

Use each portfolio site with caution due to scams. I have scored a few paid gigs in my freelance days but now I mainly use it as a way of networking and a fear that someone will catfish my name if I don’t have an account.


Other Models

If you are already in the industry or working with other models, ask them questions. Most of us are willing to share the little tips and tricks we have learned along the way. On an episode of America’s Next Top Model, Tyra told her models that she used to use tissue in her cheeks to help her lips appear fuller. She was offering tips to help her models succeed. We all know something a little different and it doesn’t hurt to ask. Get started and make a few friends in our Modeling Resource Facebook Group. What are your favorite modeling resources?







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