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Do I Need A Resume?

If you’re reading this, you might have asked the same question. Whether you are an agency signed model or freelancing, it is important to take your career seriously. Here at FD, we hope to bring together tools and resources for the modeling industry.

Just like any other industry, having a resume helps keep track of your work and experience. While in most cases as a model your portfolio and tear sheets showcase your best work, some clients do ask for a resume as well.

Other Reasons A Resume Helps
  • Organizes the companies and brands you have worked for
  • Smooth transition to a new agency
  • Follow-up with payments and checks that are over-due
  • Easy signup process to a casting site or platform

The Answer

Yes, having a resume will help you as a model. In fact, you should have two.

  1. Personal: The copy you keep for yourself including all the work and clients you have worked for.
  2. Professional: The copy you give to the client highlighting your best work, skills, and abilities.

As a model, I have spent numerous hours looking up the perfect template as well as asking my agent what information it would take for a model to fill out a proper resume and this is what I have come up with.
– Cintrena

Free Download

This is a basic template to get you started. Fill it out and customize it to fit your needs in the industry. If you have an agent, they might have a template that they recommend for specific markets.


You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly with a link. You’ll be able to edit your resume online for free with Canva.


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