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When I began my career, I had no idea what I was getting into.

This is a statement I have heard more times than I care to admit. Modeling is a desired career and lifestyle but there aren’t many resources out there to get started. There are classes and schools to attend that offer guidance in the modeling industry but they typically cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars that doesn’t fit into the average budget.

Right now this page is a starting point including links to the most helpful and popular model tip articles. The goal is to build a community and offer mentorship, one-on-ones consulting and self-paced courses for models and aspiring models that cost as much as a latte a day.

Please direct all modeling questions, concerns, and comments to our email

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Fashion Donuts offers a Facebook group Modeling Resource where models are encouraged to ask questions and offer tips and news in the industry. This is a closed group to help minimize spam and scams while making it a safe environment for models to interact with other models.


We were all so inspired by you as a model and a creative. I hope to work with you again in the future
Phase Magazine

I am so grateful for this post, and blog in general! As an aspiring model, it has filled me with the information and confidence to continue making advances in my career. Thank you, times a million!!
– Brenna, model

I really appreciate you always being so willing to help me.
– Sky, model


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