Lady in Red an FD Editorial

Lady in Red an FD Editorial on Fashion Donuts

A little out of my comfort zone and at the end of my fashion budget, I made the risky decision of purchasing this red dress. Picture it: Goodwill on a discount day. Shopping and preparing for upcoming photoshoots and editorial features.

I walked to the middle of the isle, selected the dress amongst hundreds of others and tried it on. Asking what my partner CF what he thought of the dress, he was also shopping for photoshoot props and wardrobe. He didn’t really say anything other than “try it on,” but I still had mixed feelings. Off to the fitting room, I went.

The Rule of Thrifting

I don’t know what it was but the dress magically fit. My measurements are so awkward yet it hugged every little curve. If you’re an avid thrift shopper then you know the rule:

If you like it and it fits then you should probably buy it. When are you going to find something like it again?

It was such a unique style of dress with a high collar and buttons running from the top all the way to the bottom hem. It didn’t matter, this dress was coming home with me. On the way to the register, I found the golden silk scarf. Match made at Goodwill, it was only natural that the two made their debut in this studio setting editorial.

Meet the Lady in Red

Lady in Red by Cary Fagan on Fashion Do's & Donuts Lady in Red by Cary Fagan on Fashion Do's & Donuts Lady in Red by Cary Fagan on Fashion Do's & Donuts Lady in Red by Cary Fagan on Fashion Do's & Donuts


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Each of the images you see was created and developed with 35mm film. CF only shoots with the film medium for his visual imagery. I might be slightly biased but I find CF’s work very inspirational.

You can find more of his work on his newly released website or follow along on Flickr and Instagram. If you love his work and want to share it please remember to tag him and include the hashtag #cfmemories

Love the outfit?

Here at FD, we believe in conscious shopping. Visit your nearest thrift or vintage store to find similar pieces. If you are looking for new and vintage inspired pieces please shop the images below.


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