How to Prepare for a Go-See

Being passionate about your craft keeps you ahead of the game and keeps you interested in what you do. Did your agent recently say you have a go-see coming up? Did a client want you to come to their next go-see?

Here at FD headquarters, we hoard information. Pinterest is our go-to for bookmarking all the blogs and articles we want to read and save for later. That’s actually how the article from Seventeen Magazine inspired us to write this post.

Before we get started:

Go-See – An appointment a model has with a potential client. During this appointment, a model might show their portfolio, do a “runway” walk, try on a few garments, and/or get their measurements and photos taken.

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Tyra’s article has probably circulated through one of our computers at least 10 times in the past year and that my friends are what we call a sign. If something keeps crossing your path it’s worth looking into. If you believe in what you see then you probably should pass it on.

From No-Sees to Go-Sees

Here is what we learned from Tyra’s signature advice.

Be Prepared

When heading to your go-see you will be expected to do a number of things by the client. Even if they don’t ask you to, you should be prepared. Make sure to practice your walk, poses, and faces in the mirror.

This will show the client that you are what you (or your agent) say you are.


Always bring images of you to leave with the client. This can be in the form of a comp card or prints of your digitals/polaroids. Though not always needed, it is a good idea to bring your portfolio in your bag.

Do Your Homework

Consider this similar to a job interview. Know something about the agency or client you are about to visit. Most importantly always be aware of scams. Not everything out there is legit.

Less is More

We have a firm belief that skincare is the original makeup. Showing up with a fresh face is highly accepted over a face full of makeup. The client wants to see you as a blank canvas.

If you do decide to wear makeup it should be minimal and showcase your natural features.

Even your nails should be less. A simple clear, nude or sheer color will do.


ALWAYS bring a pair of heels! There are many cases that the client wants to see you walk in heels. Even if you’re not attending a fashion show go-see still bring your heels. They are a powerful shoe.


Whatever hairstyle or type of hair you have, be prepared to pull it back. Clients want to see your face and bone structure. It’s kind of ‘if you have a long neck, flaunt it’ kind of mentality.

Never be late!

We shouldn’t have to tell you the reasons why it’s bad to be late but time is money. If you are late, that shows the client that their time isn’t important to you. There are certain circumstances that clients might understand but it’s better to be safe than sorry

If you are going to be late, let the client know you are on your way and give them an estimated time that you will arrive. That way they will be prepared or they might tell you not to show. It’s really up to the client


Have good posture. That means to stand up straight with your shoulders back.

Remember when we said to bring heels? When wearing heels your posture changes as well as your mentality. You might feel a little extra fierce which usually helps to adjust your posture without thinking about it.

Be Honest

It’s okay to tell them if you don’t have a lot of experience. Wow them with your natural ability (this is why practice is so important!)

Afterall, we are all just people, and understand that you have to start something in order to be the best at it.

Now What?

Now “break a leg” as they say. It’s pretty normal to feel nervous especially if this is your first go-see. Just remember that you are there for a reason and to keep your personality true. The more prepared you are the more confident you will feel.

Keep this article and share the knowledge.

Additional Modeling Tips

Don’t have a go-see but have a casting call instead? Study the list above, it will help you be prepared for your casting call too. If you haven’t checked it out, You might want to read How to Prepare for a Casting Call. We get a little more technical on what to bring and what to wear.


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