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How To Prepare For A Casting

How to Prepare for a Casting

Whether this is your first casting as a model or just trying to stay industry smart (go you!) this is a guide for you.

Casting – A visual interview for clients to meet and preview models.

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Let’s Get Down to Business

  • What to Bring
  • Beauty Routine
  • What to Wear

What to Bring

Keep a tote bag or purse handy and don’t leave home without these!

Portfolio & Composite Cards


Two recommended ways of showing off your portfolio are the hardcopy and digital.

  • 9×12 portfolio book
    A way to keep it old school and show off your work printed. The books are super easy to find, here’s one on Amazon.
  • Tablet
    Designate a folder or photo album of your best work. Keep in mind that internet profiles might be out of reach if there isn’t a signal.
  • Comp Cards
    Always carry your comp card with you to castings and jobs. Think of it as your business card.

If you’re still building your portfolio or brand new to the industry, take a few digitals and have several printed to leave with the casting directors. They may even take a few snapshots of you for their reference.


Just like any job or career having a resume of your work is a valuable resource. Fashion Donuts has a free resume template to get you started.

Beauty Routine

Keeping a beauty routine is not only healthy but also shows the client that you take pride in yourself and thus career.

Day(s) Before:

Dedicate some time to pamper and prepare. These are all DIY from home and do not require expensive treatments or salon visits… (unless you want to).

  • Mani & Pedi
    Clean up your nails and moisturize
  • Skincare Tips
    Spot treat any trouble areas. Anything to make you look and feel fresh.
  • Hair
    Wash, clean, or get your hairstyle ready. Natural looks are usually recommended.

Casting Day:

  • Keep it simple and stressfree
    In the morning, drink a large glass of water. Try a little cardio workout to help with circulation and get out the jitters.
  • Moisturize
    As needed.
  • Makeup (if any)
    light and simple. A little concealer, lip balm and a quick brush of mascara to the ends of your lashes can go a long way.

 What to Wear

Does the casting information specify what to wear? If not, that’s alright! Most of the time wearing something simple with clean lines is just fine.


Wear something that flatters your body and that you feel comfortable in. Try to avoid logos, patterns, prints, and stripes. Solid colors work best.

For model castings, it’s recommended to wear a tank or fitted top with skinny jeans and pumps.


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