Healthy Habits to Inspire Your Routine

Healthy Habits to Transform Your Routine on Fashion Donuts

Developing a routine has been the buzz amongst my circle of friends lately. One thing we all agreed on was that having control over certain healthy aspects of life can help alleviate anxiety.

 Healthy Habits to Transform Your Routine on Fashion Donuts

 Healthy Habits

Challenge yourself to try at least two things on this list. Use this list as inspiration and write down a list while you read along. I’d appreciate if you leave us a comment with a few things on your list below.

Disclaimer: Use your own risk. I know you will but just in case…


While this seems very obvious, many Americans still admit to not drinking enough water daily. Also, keep tabs on your electrolytes maybe sub in some coconut or alkaline water.

Know Where Your Money is Going

Easing the stress that money may cause with keeping up with your finances and credit regularly. Whether that means creating a budget or just knowing when payday is. Have a healthy relationship with your finances and try not to fixate on budgeting blunders.


Take time to spend off the electronics. This includes when you wake up before you go to bed. Spend time with your friends and family face-to-face. Make it fun and challenge each other not to use or talk about the internet while hanging out.

Respect Your Emotions

Let go of old feelings and heal. Laugh and cry with those you love. Heck, cry over the short puppy videos you seen online. Resilience with your emotions and thought processes in high emotion situations is a healthy part of being a human.

Keep a Journal

Writing things down and saving them for later helps to tame the racing thoughts. Use it for work, keep a journal of your feelings or just write down the words that keep you awake at night. Reading them later

Limit Vices

If this is you, whatever it may be:

A. Sugar
B. Drinking
C. Smoking
D. Drugs
E. Other
F. A combination of two or more above.

This was probably one of the longest word problems you’ve seen in awhile. I don’t want to hassle you about quitting or give you flashbacks from class but keep yourself healthy.

Take Care of Your Skin

This means inside and out. There are healthy diets and supplements worth looking into as well as this list of DIY Tips to Get Skin Like a Supermodel.

Brush & Floss Your Teeth

Yes, that even if that hot date of yours leads to a slumber party. Hopefully, they appreciate your oral hygiene.

Safe Sex

Comfortable with talking/reading about sex or not. Killer and a Sweet Thang gets serious about sex on the blog.

Set Goals

Big and small. Planning for the future gives you more purpose than you might think. Developing a routine might be on your goals list…

Celebrate Everyday Victories

Take a moment and be proud and humble of the things you do each day. Not just at work, physical, emotional and spiritual victories too.


This is one of the physical victories you just read about. Exercise doesn’t have to be time-consuming either (for those who just “don’t have time”).

Get Regular Health Checks

This applies to mental health, the eye doctor, and dentist as well.

Protect Yourself From the Sun

So that means to wear the SPF. Wear the sunglasses, hat and stay in the shade.

Respect Your Sleep Schedule

Unless you are a robot this applies to you. Our bodies need time to rest recharge each day. That requires taking the time to lay down and ultimately sleep. Only you know how many hours of sleep your body needs. If that means more or less than your peers. Sacrifice that time for you and don’t abuse it.

What Are Your Healthy Habits?

While this is just a short list of health habits to inspire your routine, what do you recommend? If you are struggling with keeping a routine, make it fun. Recruit a friend or your partner as an accountabilibuddy.

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