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Location: Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas (text me when you get here).

Bring: basic tees, denim, and neutrals.

These were just a few things that you would normally see on a call sheet. The room was rearranged and there were models I had never worked with before. Getting used to introducing yourself and trying to bond before you jump into a shoot where you all supposed to look like friends was becoming pretty normal for me. The concept was simple and everything was with film.

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Unite Editorial by Cary Fagan on Fashion Donuts

Love the outfits?

Here at FD, we believe in conscious shopping. Visit your nearest second-hand or vintage store to find similar pieces. If you are looking for new and similar pieces please shop the images below.


If you are interested in reposting something from Fashion Donuts, please tag us @fashiondonuts and include the hashtag #FDinspiration

Each of the images you see was created and developed with film. CF only shoots with the film medium for his visual imagery. I might be slightly biased but I find CF’s work very inspirational.

You can find more of his work on his newly released website or follow along on Flickr and Instagram. If you love his work and want to share it please remember to tag him and include the hashtag #cfmemories


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