Winter Blues Featured Image

For Austin and many other parts of Texas, this is what winter looks like. One day it’s warm and in the 60’s. Then the next day you might expect 30-degree weather. While I’m thankful for mild winters it has often left me with mixed emotions.

Wearing the Blues

I’ve never been much of a dress person. In fact, I even wore shorts under this denim dress to help feel comfortable. I appreciate my friends’ encouragement to wear the dress for the remainder of the day. That night at the art show, I even wore a skirt to carry over the new found confidence.

Love the outfit?

Here at FD, we believe in conscious shopping. Visit your nearest thrift or vintage store to find similar pieces. This wrinkled denim dress was found at Goodwill. If you are looking for new and vintage inspired pieces please shop the images below


Each of the images you see was created and developed with 35mm film. CF only shoots with the film medium for his visual imagery. I might be slightly biased but I find CF’s work very inspirational.

You can find more of his work on his newly released website or follow along on Flickr and Instagram.


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