Maybe It’s the 80’s

Alright, you caught me it’s really not the 80’s.  The only thing you got is an 80’s baby (me), the gold star suit and the ...

Denim Dress Blues

For Austin and many other parts of Texas, this is what winter looks like. One day it’s warm and in the 60’s. Then the next ...

Must-Have Fashion Books From ASOS

Searching for a little fashion inspiration? Needing an extra item to add to your asos cart to get free shipping? We get it! Whatever the ...

Healthy Habits to Inspire Your Routine

Developing a routine has been the buzz amongst my circle of friends lately. One thing we all agreed on was that having control over certain ...

Lady in Red an FD Editorial

A little out of my comfort zone and at the end of my fashion budget, I made the risky decision of purchasing this red dress. Picture ...
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